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Ok the easiest way to connect with me via Social Media is by clicking one of the Social Media Logos to the right of the screen. 

Or Chat on SKYPE: Samuel.Connelly or Call mySkype # (785) 260-6977

Also, I'm a huge fan of the goofy-lovable app called BEBO (you can find it in your Google Play or ITunes App Stores. 

HOWEVER, it's not at all because I don't like to hang with people. Actually I'm always hanging out with amazing people—a sick social butterfly—but there's usually a bit of business behind it. Thanks to Social Media and Skype I have a life, AND you have a way to connect with me. 

BUSINESS: Contacts or Quotes on Jobs, or Filmmaker In The Cloud Events you have reach me at my email / or message in the comment box below. 

I'm honestly really social and super fun to chat with. Unfortunately, if it's getting coffee together or a lovely game of Chess, I'm near impossible to schedule with. And I hate that. I've been re-scheduling a game of pool, drinks, cigars, and a game of chess with the same friends for way too long now. 

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