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As a writer and a lover of the arts, much of my inspiration comes from other artists.

I've never understood those who claim that they don't read or appreciate other artists art. That's insane to me. It's the world, through a million different eyes that help us to see beyond the boundaries of own limited and inferior sight that allows us to add greater depth, width, height, breath, and heartbeat to our own works. And without further jibber-jabber this page—which will consistently grow—is dedicated to the works of other great artists: My Favorite Things...

There's inspiration all around us, and although it's importantly to come up with our own form, it's important to know the rules and methods so we understand the right way to break them. Here's some great books to start with.

- Samuel W. Connelly

Poetry is one of my favorite things...well, period. Here's a list of some of my favorite books and highlights concerning up and coming, as well as, recently released poetry books.


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Just write every day of your life. Read Intensely. 

Most of my friends who are put on That diet

​have very pleasant careers. 


Poets Worth Following

Maybe you haven't heard of some of these names. Maybe you have. These blogs and websites are not only wonderful reads, but they're an also great resources for ideas on how to present your own work. Check them out. Tell me if you know others I should add.




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