Shreddies is a company that actually make underwear for men and women that are able to filter your farts so that they don't let any stink through...BUTT what would be the fun. Then all we have is a horn. God gas as an amazing instrument that sings and is aromatic ...You can check them out here!

1. The average Healthy person farts around 14 times a day.

2. Women rip crack as much as guys do

3. Yes Farts ARE flammable

4. To DATE humanity has farted

approximately 17 Quadrillion TIMES! 

5. That nasty smell is caused by only 1% of the gas your ripping. 

6. Farts can travel at 10 feet per second. (that's almost 7 mph!) 

7.Swallowing air will cause aroma-less farts.

8. Over a 24 hour period a single person releases around 2 liters of gas. 

9. Adam from Myth Busters lit a fart to prove that farts are, IN FACT, explosions. 

10. No you won't explode if you hold your farts in...but you may crap your pants. 


WARNING: If Your're NOT Batman... Farting in your rubber suit may have serious consequences 

(Like this idiot)

BUTT Yes... I Did Make

A Fart Page Just For Gross People Like You...Enjoy

Ha Ha Ha... You Want To Sell Your Farts!

You're A SICK-O... Bahahaha