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Tiny Tips For Writers

As a writerwhether novelist, poet, freelance, content writer, copy, short fiction, creative non-fiction, blogger, journalist...we can go on and on—if you’re going to have a website, blog, or use a social media platform to promote yourself, you must practice one very important rule: You must post content consistently.

Creating the Viral-Breakout-Potent Cycle: Consistency - Traffic - Interest - More Traffic.

Consistency creates traffic. Traffic creates conversation (social media sharing). Conversation creates Interest; and many times even interest across-demographically, which is when it has the best opportunity to break out and go viral. Interest, in turn, creates even more traffic...the cycle starts all over again. Brilliant right?

The power of this idea really hit me while I was scanning through travel websites for ideas on places to go with my coffee tour and I found myself, several blogs deep at This travel site totally captured me with pictures of the Pacific Ocean; and then reeled me in deeper with several easy-to-read blogs filled with crafty titles, real photos of real people, having real 
bbqs, and real fun. Not staged. Not fake. How in the world did I get stuck—burning too much of my day away—on a travel site? Because it told stories that reminded me of all those things I love most about travel: People, culture, beauty, and food.  

It happened again when a friend of mine sent me a link to, Michael Domenichetti website; “Sam, this guy looks like you!” he said. ‘No.
No he doesn’t,’ I thought. ‘He’s bald. Not all bald guys look alike.’ As I was about to respond, I noticed that this young real estate agent had a blog. Why—I wondered—does a real estate agent need a blog? Honestly, who cares? Who would be interested, right? More than 4,000 visitors found him interesting enough to check out his Google+ page. Why? Why are people interested?

People want to know they can trust whoever’s going to help them through the process of buying and selling their homes. When someone clicks on Michael’s page they’re not only getting the ‘normal’ business jargon and the—almost word-for-word—promises that every agent is going to give them; they’ll see real pictures of clients with smiles on their faces; they’ll see an agent who can have some fun and get involved in the city’s ‘ribfest,’... come on that’s
freakin cool.

Content takes a ‘flat’ one-dimensional business page and gives it a face, breath, and multiple layers.

That’s what causes people to come back; to tell others, who visit and, tell others. Gary
has only been on twitter since 2011 and already has more than 347 thousand followers. But through his twitter and website,, he has posted some 15.5 thousand times! The content on his website is primarily filled with blog posts. Some from himself and some guest posts.

What should writer’s like you and I learn from this? Hopefully a lot. It’s amazing what we can learn about writing; creating readers, and increasing chatter about ourselves by looking at those who are using the power of ‘storytelling’ to draw people in.

I hope that this post encourages you, as a writer, to do what you do: Write. You are a storyteller. You are a creative person whose job it is to craft moments out of words. We should see more traffic to your own sites, than anyone else. We’re the storytellers.

Cheers to you,

- SamTheWriter  

March 11, 2015

 SippingOn Literary Espresso

by: Samuel Connelly

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