Writers often claim that they don’t have ideas to write about. I find this really hard to believe because ideas are literally EVERYWHERE, and writers are not the ones taking advantage of them.

Follow a few tech news sources, follow the Smithsonian website, Discovery News; check out; look through the thousands of inventions and innovative: processes, art, improvements upon creations, machine and manufacturing concepts, and compositions of matter patents-in-process or, already invented and obtained patents that are changing the way we live and interact with the world around us.

These are all stories, and many of the inventions and innovations of today were dreamed up and formed into a science fiction novel or short story years ago. These are really some of my favorite places to find ideas for stories.

Stories are all over the place. Some of us—like the late great Ray Bradbury was—are so full of imagination that we hardly ever feel any kind ‘writer’s block.’ Bradbury claimed that he not only never experienced writer’s block, but that he was so into his world of writing and creating fiction that he never got sidetracked by outside distractions.

In an interview at the 2010 Comic Con, Bradbury told his fans that he could be sitting in an office or in the middle of a loud, fully packed living room, where everyone’s talking, and he still wouldn’t be distracted from his WIP (Work In Progress). Ray, however, also wrote in several of his essays on writing that we read constantly. He read books, the news, the backs of cereal boxes, how-to manuals...constantly feeding his mind; constantly hanging out at the local library feeding his creativity.

There are stories and ideas everywhere. At every moment. At any given time. In any given place.

How about the story-idea-bank of: Awareness

Dr. Daniel Charland BMSc, DDS, MS, Cert. Ped. Dent., is a pediatric dentist who runs his own Burlington based dentists in Canada. In a recent blog he talks about the importance of  car seats for children and infants. In his blog he not only shares stats, but he explains the ultimate ‘WHY’ we choose to follow the law and make the right choices in our lives:

“Even with all these statistics, the simple answers to why we don’t do these things anymore are all pretty similar – making a change in our behavior results in better health outcomes for our offspring.”

- Dr. Daniel Charland / Blog Post: “Why First Tooth, First Visit."

Dr. Charland shares in his blog several statistics concerning things that should do and things that we’ve stopped doing to preserve our legacy. This is a story idea that can be written for any genre and a concept that can be shared through many slants.

How about other ‘hot topics’ and awareness issues?

  • Human Trafficking
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Suicide
  • Child or Spousal Abuse
  • Bullies
  • Prejudice
  • Unethical Scientific Experiments
  • Cloning
  • Chemical Warfare and those who suffer through unintended exposure
  • Adoptions gone wrong because of a non-effective background check being carried out.
  • Abuse of power in the Government or Church Leadership
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Parental or Family Abduction

There’s thousands of ideas around every corner and finding just one of these issues or topics gives you, as a writer, the opportunity to bring awareness through your creative ability to fashion them into compelling stories.

  • Where do you find most of your story ideas?
  • What idea-banks do you peruse for new ideas?
  • When you feel ‘block’ coming on, how do you engage and deflect it?

Cheers to you Writers!
- SamTheWriter



March 11, 2015

 SippingOn Literary Espresso

by: Samuel Connelly

Is It TOO Easy to NOT Get Writer's Block? 


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